Bassett Education India (BEI) is a part of the global Bassett group- a group of organisations with success in diverse fields. We aim to empower our participants with core life-skills necessary for professional success and holistic individual growth.

Our meticulously planned programs go beyond the focus of an ordinary training program. We deliver highly effective skill-based development modules which are taught by global professionals. Our participants are primed with the skills and techniques needed to succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

We have divided these life-skills into four broad categories: Psychological Skills, Emotional Skills, Hard Communication Skills and Multicultural Communication.

How can We help you?

BEI is a life skill training centre delivering international standards of personal and professional development sessions to help program participants become both successful and happy. Though we do have research-backed, structured modules, our programs can also be custom designed to suit the unique needs and schedules of each of our clients.

Our Mission

Bassett Education India strives to deliver high quality professional training services, with integrity and global competency, to enhance the psychological strength of their program participants, communication skills, multicultural understanding and thereby their emotional quotient, thus enabling them to become more than they can be.

Our Philosophy

BEI believes that every individual is gifted and talented, and it is our shared responsibility to assist in unleashing and optimizing these abilities. In order to draw out and develop the integral talents of our learners, our learning happens in an enriching, vibrant, inclusive and welcoming environment. Psychological and emotional sophistication are learned behaviours and awareness of one’s improvement areas is the first step towards bringing about positive change. Our training modules are designed strategically to focus on various aspects of personality development. BEI understands that physical environment has a direct and profound impact on a participant’s state of mind and to that effect, we have a state-of-the-art, mentally stimulating learning facility.

The ultimate aim is to empower participants to achieve positive and desirable changes in personality that was previously thought unattainable.

We are members of the Indo American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA).

The BEI Team

Vidya Moorthy


Indian at heart and international in her outlook, Vidya has more than 20 years of experience in International Communications Management. She has worked with Bassett and Bassett Inc, Detroit, USA since 2002. Vidya has developed her skills in diverse areas, including strategic development, C- suite counselling, branding, digital media, cross-cultural communication and complex program implementation, during a career spanning the United States, Europe, India and Japan. This has given her a global perspective with a unique combination of both business and communication acumen. Vidya is spearheading the expansion of Bassett Business Group in India with the establishment of BEI.

Her education in India and later in the United States, helped Vidya develop a wider vision very early in life and she has imparted her vision and experience by training many aspiring management students at management institutions in Pune and also as a corporate trainer at small, mid-sized and large organizations. Vidya also serves as the life time member of the Early Childhood Association of India - PCMC Chapter, Pune. She is the Territory Head of APER - Association for Primary Education and Research.

When she is not training the young minds at work, Vidya likes to cook for her family and friends, spend time laughing with her two lovely daughters and relax with her energetic Labrador. She has truly mastered the core principles that BEI wishes to teach, and her ability to balance her work and personal life are a testament to that.

Priyanka Vaishnav

Manager-HR and Operations

A self-motivated and confident HR professional, Priyanka has a keen compassion for others. She has a management degree in Human Resources from Rajasthan Technical University. Her vast experience has been in handling employee life cycle, recruitment, employee engagement, HR Policies, Statutory Compliances, learning & development, and compensation planning.

Priyanka likes to spend her leisure time with friends and meeting people. She lives with her husband in Pune and together they care for their elderly parents.

Sakshi Abrol

Manager - Research and Development

Sakshi has about five years of work experience as a development consultant in the field of public policy and social sciences research. She brings with herself a unique perspective acquired by way of working on issues of grave social and political concern like food security, representation, citizenship rights etc. Her passion for working in the public policy industry drives her as she takes a multidimensional and evolutionary approach to developmental challenges. Having worked with the government, the academia, civil society and politicians; she has learnt the art of conceptualising issues, ideating solutions and finding the most relevant ways to present them. Sakshi seeks to continue her growth and engagement to create impact in her small way. And it is precisely this that drives her to BEI.

Indian politics thrill her and cooking is a means of catharsis for her.

Yash Thodge

Manager - Research and Development

Yash Thodge has a master’s degree in Development Studies from TISS,Mumbai. He has worked in the media, construction, manufacturing and education domains before joining us. He is passionate about education, careers and soft-skills and has been working for last 5 years with students across India guiding them on career options. His passion for his work and his sense of humor and comic timing make him a valuable asset to this team. His hobbies include reading and restaurant hopping. A foodie at heart, he is always in-charge of ordering food for office parties.

Srutha Shankar

Manager Business Development

Srutha is a Marketing Communication specialist with a Master's degree in Mass Communication. She has corporate experience with expertise in corporate communications; events coordination and management; product promotion.

Srutha’s global outlook has shaped because of her 6 years personal and professional stint in China. She has recently moved to Pune and will be adding her valuable experience to the BEI team.

She likes to bake and cook in her spare time, but what she enjoys most is leisure time with her son and daughter.

Abheek Dhar

Digital Marketing Strategist (internship)

Abheek was born in the Netherlands Antilles and spent a large part of his childhood in the British Virgin Islands. His extensive exposure to multiple international communities has given him a very diverse world view and a strong global understanding. He is technology savvy, has strong communication skills, and has a thorough knowledge of different communication theories relating to media theory and organizational structures.

Abheek is has an undergraduate degree from the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, Pune, with a specialization in Media Studies. He loves to bake, play music, and is extremely dedicated to the gym.