Control your emotions, control your environment

Our emotional wisdom signals our ability to navigate through challenges. Our ability to manage ourselves, in dynamic or stressful situations, as well as our ability to manage and influence others in similar situations, determines our success. It significantly bolsters our personal and professional relationships. Contradictory to popular belief, it is a learned behaviour, accomplished through a series of coherent and incremental steps and insights, that channelizes us beyond our habitual state.

This module is designed to improve your emotional quotient and shape your core personality. These 8 sessions which will help you understand yourself better while also giving you guidance on how to maintaining balance in your daily life. Not only this, we have also included sessions which will teach you how to manage yours and other people’s emotions in different settings.
Know YourselfKnow Yourself
Building Confidence and Self-esteemBuilding Confidence and Self-esteem
In Pursuit of BalanceIn Pursuit of Balance
Managing Emotions in a Professional SettingManaging Emotions in a Professional Setting
Giving and Earning RespectGiving and Earning Respect
Handling Team DynamicsHandling Team Dynamics
Anger and Ego ManagementAnger and Ego Management
Choosing CompanyChoosing Company

Program outcome

This module is designed to increase the emotional quotient and to help shape the core of a participant’s personality.