Being Globally Competent

This module will focus on familiarizing the participants with different global work cultures, international politics and political correctness, and develop their ability to embrace cultural differences. The world is more interconnected than ever before, and people are more similar than they are different. Learn about issues such as race and gender, differences in styles of humour, varying styles of doing business and global hot button issues.
Global Differences and SimilaritiesGlobal Differences and Similarities
Offensive CommunicationOffensive Communication
The Impact of StereotypingThe Impact of Stereotyping
Answering "Indian" QueriesAnswering "Indian" Queries
Humour vs HumorHumour vs Humor
The Power of Casual TalkThe Power of Casual Talk
Professional EtiquetteProfessional Etiquette
Gender and Race on the Global StageGender and Race on the Global Stage

Program outcome

Participants will enhance their interpersonal skills and thought-process to connect with other professionals in a pluralistic environment and develop both respect as well as understanding of other cultures.