It’s All in the Mind

This module is specifically designed to help shape your thought process and enhance your psychological skills. Truly, our thoughts determine our destiny and when we gain control of our thoughts, we are equipped to create the future we desire. Our modules are designed to extract the best out of our participants by focusing on the four primary areas of psychological functioning: cognition and learning; motivation; social and emotional dimensions; and context and learning.
A person’s cognitive development and learning are not limited to natural stages of development. Learning is based on context, and absorbing this context is not spontaneous, but rather needs to be facilitated.

These eight sessions include ways to optimize your mental abilities and help you understand how to define yourself and help you chart a positive and fulfilling life.
Discovering YourselfDiscovering Yourself
Decision MakingDecision Making
Adapting to ChangeAdapting to Change
Time Management and DisciplineTime Management and Discipline
Building and Managing ReputationBuilding and Managing Reputation
Managing Peer PressureManaging Peer Pressure
Limiting Social Media Influence and ParticipationLimiting Social Media Influence and Participation
Listening SkillsListening Skills

Program outcome

Participants will be trained to channelize their minds and steer their thoughts towards a more controlled and positive way of life.